Study Findings

Study Findings

International Congress of Infant Studies 2022

Patient-provider racial minority concordance is a key component to effective screening and treatment of postpartum mood disorders for racial minority mothers. Presented by Dr. Betty-Shannon Prevatt at ICIS 2022.

Social support during pregnancy increases the likelihood of receiving a mental health screening during the postpartum period. Presented by Dr. Pamela Norcross at ICIS 2022.

Anxiety is a significant predictor of labor complications, particularly for racial minority mothers. Presented by *Joselyn Marroquin Aparicio at ICIS 2022.

American Public Health Association Conference 2022

Intervention is imperative to prevent harm to mothers and infants, supporting the need for consistent perinatal mental health screenings addressing suicidal ideation. Authored by *Rayna Maleki.

Patients with COVID-era deliveries were more likely to experience elevated depression symptoms. Presented by *Joselyn Marroquin Aparicio at APHA 2022.